Thursday, February 10, 2005

Week 5 - three tasks

1. What rights do you have under your national data protection law, to view police records? Use the jurisdiction assigned in class.
2. Scrutinize the 3 key elements in the implementation of data protection law for your jurisdiction (e.g. Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Germany/Australia):
[a] What exemptions exist? Is the law drawn to minimally enforce Directive 95/46/EC or is more protection given?
[b] Have national courts scrutinized or criticized government's use of these exemptions to force greater data protection? If not, read the Osterreichischer Rundfunk judgment in the European Court of Justice.
[c] how active is the Information Commissioner? Read their latest Annual Report - if there is no English version, consult the UK Information Commission report.
3. Further reading is Colin Bennett's analyses of Information Commissions' work - for example, here.


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