Friday, March 04, 2005

Weeks 8-9 Reading

Week 8: Safe Harbours and US law
Lloyd Chapter 10
Reindenberg, Joel. R. Resolving Conflicting International Privacy Rules in Cyberspace, 52 Stanford Law Review, 1315 (2000)
Jan Dhont, María Verónica Pérez Asinari, Yves Poullet, Joel R. Reidenberg & Lee Bygrave, Safe Harbor Decision Implementation Study (Apr. 19, 2004)
Week 9: CCTV Case Study and Technologies of Control
CCTV regulation by Crime and Disorder Act 1998 here. Also a very good article on ECHR decision in Peck (2003). RIP Act's formation and encryption debate by Hosein is here
Advanced reading:
Lessig, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace (New York: Basic Books, 1999), chapter 11; "Reading the Constitution in Cyberspace", Emory Law Journal, volume 45, number 3, Summer (1996) pages 869-910
Jamal, Maier and Sunder, E-Commerce and Privacy in the UK and US.


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