Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Week 2 Assignments

1. Read a short introduction to data protection and privacy - either from Lloyd, Bainbridge or the blog - only choose one chapter.
2. Spend 30 minutes in pairs conducting independent directed web research on your national data protection law and its relationship to the European Directive. Any problems, email me: ctmarsden@yahoo.co.uk
3. You will all have to pick up on FRIDAY FROM HAYLEY/MARIA 28th a copy of the Directive EC/95/46 - the data protection directive.
Read the recitals and first chapter - this week we will continue to consider policy towards data protection.
Optional questions:
[1] How well do you consider that the Directive balances the right to data protection against other rights?
[2] Which rights in particular (whether of individuals, governments or the effective working of the market ) do you believe are under-served by the Directive?


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