Monday, April 03, 2006

Some interesting articles

  1. The new Department of Constitutional Affairs freedom of information journal
  2. European Commission reports on UK's first use of standard clauses for Safe Harbour
  3. The Durant case is being appealed to the European Court of Human Rights
  4. "Home Is where the Internet Connection Is: Law, Spam and the Protection of Personal Space" by Andrea Slane (2005) 2 University of Ottowa (2) 255
  5. "Spam Legislation in Canada: Federalism, Freedom of Expression and the Regulation of the Internet" by Karen Ng (2005) 2 University of Ottowa (2) 447
  6. "Data Protection: Too Personal to protect?" by M J Taylor (2006) 3 SCRIPT-ed (1)
  7. "UK the worst in Europe at enforcing spam laws" Blogzilla March 9
  8. "Don't Smile, Your Image Has Just Been Recorded on a Camera-Phone: The Need For Privacy in the Public Sphere" by Aimee Jodoi Lum (2005) 27 Hawaii Law Review 377 (Lexis)
  9. "Search Engines: Seek and Ye Shall Find? The Position of Search Engines in Law" by Nico van Eijk IRIS plus 2006-2 (January 2006)
  10. "Solving the Inbox Paradox: An Information-Based Policy Approach to Unsolicited E-mail Advertising" by Derek E Bambauer (2005) 10 Virginia Journal of Law and Technology (1) (Lexis)


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