Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2006 Sources on Data Protection

A Busch (2006) 3 SCRIPT-ed (4) 304 "From Safe Harbour to the Rough Sea? Privacy Disputes across the Atlantic"
J Rauhofer (2006) 3 SCRIPT-ed (4) 322 "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you: Legislative developments in relation to the mandatory retention of communications data in the European Union"
P Leith (2006) 3 SCRIPT-ed (4) 389 Squeezing Information out of the Information Commissioner: Mapping and measuring through online public registers"
R Bendrath and R F Jørgensen (2006) 3 SCRIPT-ed (4) 355 "The World Summit on the Information Society - Privacy not Found?"
C Ncube (2006) 3 SCRIPT-ed (4) 344"Watching the watcher: recent developments in privacy regulation and cyber-surveillance in South Africa"
C Prins (2006) 3 SCRIPT-ed (4) 270 "When personal data, behavior and virtual identities become a commodity: Would a property rights approach matter?"
Joshua L Colburn (2006) 91 Minnesota Law Review (Nov) 241 "'Don't Read This If It's Not for You': The Legal Inadequacies of Modern Approaches to E-mail Privacy" (Lexis)
Orin S Kerr (2007) University of Chicago Law Review "Enforcing Law Online"
Rebecca Eve Bolin (2006) 24 Yale Law and Policy Review "Opting Out of Spam: A Domain Level Do-Not-Spam Registry"


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