Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Essential reading for 21st February

You should have read Chapters 3-7 of Lloyd by now - that's 5 chapters in 5 weeks.
You also need:
[1] to complete your entry in the blog - 6 of you have blogged by now (assuming 2 to each blog);
[2] to have read the Directive and Recitals to EC/46/1995;
[3] to read the entry on exemptions from last year's students - see how they blog the exact provisions of the exemptions to the Directive. This is the key to the implementation of the Directive.
[4] Also read the article which will be printed for you - it will be very useful for the 28 February guest lecture by Dr Ian Brown.
I do expect everyone to arrive at 2pm - unless you are ill. Its essential for the class.


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