Monday, February 13, 2006

UK National ID Cards

There have been criticisms targeted at different elements of the national ID card scheme, including:

• You need two if you're a transvestite
• A big database creates a so-called honeypot effect - with more people granted access, the database becomes more vulnerable; a greater traget.
• They are of little value in fighting terrorism, an initial justification for their introduction.
• Will not carry address or phone cumber on the card, so will not be usable as a proof of address - identification of this variety is essential for many businesses eg banks.
• Cost for banks etc of investing in equiptment may be more than simply absorbing the costs of unscrupulous use.
• Two fingers not enough to provide sufficient accuracy in the biometric element of the card
• There was an interesting passage here on the different types of cards that have been anticipated


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