Friday, February 24, 2006

ID card and data retention in Thailand

It surprised me so much when I found this article about introducing of new ID card in my country. I've never thought that my country will come this far for ID card. I knew that we use smart card before (partly, mostly in big cities). And it's only about 2-3 years to become the biometrics. In Thailand, individuals have to apply for ID cards when we turn 15 and renew every 6 years (same as passport). The old ID card which I carry now contains ID number, address, DOB, blood type, religion, photo, and signature. We use ID card to identify ourselves, for example, before voting, open the bank account, use as the fundamental document when sign any contracts, apply for job, etc.
About data retention, I cannot find the legislation (at least on-line), so I've tried to e-mail some mobile companies and waiting for them to reply. For other data, for example, helth data, this is hand written and the hospital or clinic will store it as long as our life and/or may can be transferred to family members as a reference of health investigation. But we don't have the system that can merge all the information together. I mean each hospital and each clinic work independently.
I will post again as soon as I receive the information from the companies.


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