Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ID Card & Data Retintion in Kuwait

ID Cards and Data retention in KUWAIT:
According to the Civil Information Act (32/1982) the Public Authority for Civil Information has been established in order to be a unified public data bank for civil information. Since then, all individuals, who live permanently in Kuwait, are obliged to register with the Authority. A civil ID Card is issued by the Authority for registered individuals, including their identity information, in particular the Civil ID Number.
In my country the Civil ID Card is the main reliable document almost in all formal dealings, and it is compulsory required when deal with public firms.
However, what seems special in the Kuwaiti System is that the individual’s data can be provided by the Authority for any other public firm whenever it is asked.
Also, data can be provided for individuals and private sector firms .However, this should be done under specific and justified circumstances.

(http://www.paci.gov.kw/paci.asp )


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