Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Week 1 LW656 2008

This week, Iread Google’s privacy policy as a way to familiarise yourselves with data protection policy.

Also read Ian Lloyd, IT Law (3rd Edn 2000 4th Edn 2005) Chapter 3 for background, Chapter 4 for next week’s lecture. You will find many copies in the library and either edition is adequate for background.

You should also read a concise explanation of the rise of privacy laws, Colin Bennett (2002) Information Policy and Information Privacy: International Arenas of Governance

Background reading that may be useful is:
Bennett and Raab (2006) MIT Press, The Governance of Privacy, for the policy background.

There is also a useful collection of readings available:
(2007) http://essexdataprotection.blogspot.com/

Week 2 seminar focus is the development of privacy law up to the Data Protection Directive 1995.


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